The Moth and the Moon

An uncommon story about a very common Journey


   What's it about?

Once upon a time there was a wandering moth that found herself trapped on a window inside a garden workshop. On the window she meets other insects who share her predicament, and her trials, as they dodge the spider that would have them for his dinner. Having no memory of her home, she knows only of a strange discontent that prompts her to chase the moon. With the help of a kindly pair of ladybugs, a wise wasp, her bumbling new friend, and a wacky horsefly, perhaps she will find her way home.
The eBook cover was created by Joe Heffron. Joe won the State Fair poster contest this year so when you were there you likely saw more of his work. Please visit his web site to see his other great

The Limited First Edition hardcover book is also available at Excelsior Bay Books

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